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Off the shelf products, creams are not productive for everyone to hide blemishes and dark patches on the skin. This is so because in every individual the case is different as in which inner layer of the skin the dark patch is residing and the creams and lotions are themselves not smart enough to identify and act accordingly.

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Therefore it may so happen that the cream which worked for your friend is proving to be useless for you. Concealers and makeup do not give you a permanent solution but add on to your stress level since you have to keep a watch when they are coming off. A visit to a beauty salon may also not do the trick. It is advisable that you do not lose heart and certainly do not lose any more money for there is a guaranteed solution to your problem. And the solution is laser pigmentation removal.

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The treatment is done judging your skin type and other features which are necessary to be taken count of. In laser pigmentation removal advanced Q switched laser system is used to breakdown the freckles, dark spots and melasma. This will in turn bring out your inner glow and clear your skin making it radiate and beautiful from inside preventing usage of more chemical products.


Best Acne Scar Removal Services in Singapore

Many people go for beauty salons and off shelf products to treat acne scars but fail to get a satisfactory result. This is so because like every individual your skin type is also different and same logic is applicable for the acne distribution on your skin. Therefore one product cannot be applicable for all skin types and acne distributions.

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Instead one can go for proper acne scar removal Singapore treatment. This treatment is done in a few steps where at first the skin type is identified. Followed by it the acne scarring is graded from 1 to 4. Next as per the grading a fruitful acne removal treatment plan is chosen that will eventually bring down the grading from high to low and in the process help you get rid of the acne, uneven skin surface and contours. The treatment process has been tried by many and all of them got fruitful results.

Different proven treatment procedures are adopted in different stages of the plan. Like to resurface the acne to a desired level TCA Cross and subcision process is adopted. Once done successfully then fractional resurfacing is done to remove the acne scars. If someone has mixed scar then acne scar residing in the innermost level is treated first. This treatment don’t have side effect.

Advanced Laser Pigmentation Removal in Singapore

Dark patches could appear on the skin due to a number of reasons. While some of them could be due to birthmarks and sudden outbreaks of acne, others could be skin infections or tattoos, which may have been engraved on the body. Some people would never bother about these patches while others may be embarrassed with them. Getting them removed through topical remedies or even over the counter medications will not help as per true imagination. The only option left would be to look out for a clinic offering laser pigmentation.


Laser pigmentation removal can be carried out but it will take a little time before the marks start disappearing completely depending upon the type of marks on the body. Scars left behind by acne may be removed faster if the condition is identified as mild.

The dermatologist treating you would be able to provide a close estimate about how long they may have to work on the marks before they can make them disappear. A certified, experienced and reputed expert in dermatology would bring the safest, easiest and fastest solution. Hence, stop your valuable time from getting wasted for the search of the right platform and the right doctor.


APAX Medical is well established aesthetics clinic focusing on non-invasive procedures and cosmetic dermatology through an Asian perspective. With the belief that the best treatments achieve subtle yet natural effects, we are committed to deliver the most natural aesthetic outcomes through precision and accuracy. In line with our mission to uplift the image of our guests, our comprehensive range of services are designed with a focus on skin-related issues, from wrinkle reduction and soft tissue augmentation to acne and pigmentation disorders.

As the medical director of APAX Medical, Dr. Moses Ng is dedicated to use his skills to manage everyday medical skin conditions. But the true value of his work is intangible; bringing his patients renewed confidence from within.

We treat every case with the utmost care in order to expertise the best for the best result. All our staffs and doctors are well behaved which may offer you a complete relax in the most excellent center for laser pigmentation removal within your budget.